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Time for a Dev Note!

Greetings, Adventurers!

It's been a while since there's been any kind of update on the game, so I thought I'd give you all a quick update on what's going on.

Over the last few days I've spent some time migrating cRO to a new VM with better resources. I've also created several automation scripts to make it easier to manage the server. If you frequent our Discord server, you may have noticed some chat output from a bot called Integromat. This bot is responsible for automatically updating the server during our Sheduled Maintenance period each Tuesday, restarting it when it crashes, and sending out notifications when the server is down. It also sends out notifications when the server is back up. It also handles other automations, like Patch management and automatically updating the Daily Attendance rewards each month.

Various updates have happened on the website, too. You can see a list of what's been changed in the #git-notifications channel in Discord.

Now for some Content Updates. As you know, Classic Ragnarok is a Pre-Renewal server running Episode 10.2 databases. These are direct conversions from official data, and as such, there are some things that are missing. I've been working on adding some of these but it will take time. NPCs have also been either rolled-back to their 10.2 version, or they've been rewritten from scratch. This is an ongoing process, and I'm working on it as and when I have time.

Due to there being nothing in the way of official instances during 10.2, I've written some custom instances for you to enjoy when the server becomes available to all. These may be tweaked on as "as and when" basis, and information on these will be available on the website soon.

I'm also working on a custom Battlegrounds system, which will be available soon. The built-in version with rAthena is ok, but it's not great. I'm hoping to make it better without having to rewrite hundreds of lines of source code. Instead, it will be built entirely with NPC scripts, but still be able to interface with the Battleground UI in-game. Exciting!

If you've managed to continue to read this far, then thank you for your time!

I hope to see you all in-game soon!


p.s. we're hiring! watch out for details in discord soon!

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