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Everybody deserves to play Ragnarok Online the way it was always supposed to be played. With that said, there are a few customised features to improve playability and overall game quality. Check them out from the menu above or find some of the details below!

General Info
Customised Instances
Customised Daily Quests
Customised Auction & Trade Broker
Customised Faction & Reputation Mechanic
Customised Battlegrounds and League Tables
Server Administrator
Lead Developer
Online: 1 week ago
General Info
Max Levels99/70
Stat Cap99
Server ModePre-Renewal
EpisodeEP 10.2, Lighthalzen
Transendent ClassesYes
Extended ClassesNo
Party Share Level Range15 Levels
Top Alch/BS/Taek Ranking20
Production Rate (weap/pots)Doubled
Technical Info
Server LocationSan Fransico
Disk StateNVMe
OSDebian 12 x64
Rates pulled live from server
Base EXP 10x
Job EXP 10x
Item Drops 8x
Normal Cards 8x (0.8%)
MvP Cards 8x (0.8%)
Quest EXP 10x
Gravity Europe

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